Built with 100% US Steel
All the steel we use is the highest quality steel to ensure lasting strength for all seasons. 13 gauge ground posts (1.66” diameter), 14 gauge bows (1.66” diameter), and 16 gauge purlins and wind braces (1.315” diameter). Baseboards are constructed from 2 x 10 SPF, which are untreated and meets organic certification criteria.
Superior Bracing for Support
Triple web cross bracing that spans 22' using 16 gauge 1.315" tube. 3 wind braces in each corner along with 5 end to end purlins and 4' bow spacing to strengthen the structure and keep it stable in high winds and snow.
Double Layer Inflated Top
6mil 4 year clear and IRAC poly layers.
Easy to Operate Roll-Up Sides
Durable poly roll-up ventilation curtains on both sides with 5:1 geared roll-up operators, 4 baffled end panels and wind ropes individually tied every 12’. Automatic side ventilation upgrade available.
Easy to Use End Walls
One 36” people door
8’ x 8’ Steel roll-up equipment doors on each end.
10 mil string reinforced end wall covers.
(2) 48” aluminum louvers at each peak, controlled by our 12v DC louver motors and thermostat controls.

Shade & Light Deprivation Systems

When utilizing our shade and light deprivation system you can customize the amount of light your crops need. We can also retrofit your current hoop house, high tunnel, or greenhouse with our system. You can also split your tunnel and only do the light deprivation system on part of your tunnel. Check out our system’s standard features:

Image module
Image module
Super Strong Poly Film
8 mil string reinforces blackout poly for superior strength. It contains 2 layers of black and one layer of white poly, which imitates what happens in nature.
Wind Lashing
To keep your crops safe during high winds.
Roll-to-Peak System
Our system fits the curve of your hoop from the baseboards to the peak, allowing you to maximize your growing space inside.
Reliable Low-Voltage Motors
Our low-voltage DC rollup motors can work in strong winds.
Automation Capable
Our timer-controlled power sources automates your blackout system so you can focus on your crops.

Available Upgrades

Automated Side Ventilation, available on both sides and includes thermostatic control

Off grid solar options

Light Trap Ventilation Louvers for passive ventilation or exhaust.